Samaaneh Moezzi

Psychiatric Physician Assistant
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Samaaneh Moezzi is a Board-Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) from Towson University. Prior to becoming a Physician Assistant, she graduated from Hood College Frederick MD, with a Master of Science, and worked as a scientist for a pharmacology company in Frederick. She had psychiatry externships at St. Joseph inpatient Psychiatric hospital and was part of the healthcare team for the assessment, management, and discharge planning of psychiatric patients. Mental health has always been taboo, still, we feel ashamed if we can’t deal with our emotions by ourselves, and we often self-medicate by any means available from shopping, and isolation to substances. Let’s stop this stigma together, let’s find the right help, and show others the courage that she knows we all have.Samaaneh will be your partner and will explain Whys and Hows to the best ability. When she doesn’t know the answer, we will work on it together. Let’s start here and NOW!One way or the other, we all have been struggling with mental health. She knows how rejection feels, being judged negatively, finding ourselves not worthy of love and attention or even punishing ourselves since someone else did, being afraid even from our own mind, and feeling lonely.

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