Pathways to Wellness

Our Mental Health Services

Discover a comprehensive range of mental health services at Bloom Health Centers. We focus on helping people—one mind at a time—and use the best tools from the medical world to do it.


Supporting patients with medication management and treatment plans for mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

Evaluation and Testing

We help people with definition and diagnosis, so you can begin treatments that are customized to your specific needs.

Esketamine Therapy

Esketamine is a groundbreaking treatment for medication-resistant depression that is fast-acting, non-invasive, and FDA-approved.

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy, or psychotherapy as it is traditionally called, is a therapy that takes the form of a conversation.

TMS Therapy

A breakthrough treatment for depression that involves stimulating underactive areas of the brain with magnetic pulses aimed at putting depression into remission.

Medication Management

Should a patient require medication, we work collaboratively to find the most effective option. We take several things into consideration when making this decision, such as medical history, allergies/intolerances, and lifestyle. Medication can be an important piece of comprehensive care. At CBH, we monitor our patients’ medications by regularly scheduled check-ins, and encourage open and honest communication from our patients.


Typically, services are carried out via a HIPAA protected platform with a video call. This is critical when dealing with patients who reside in rural areas, when patients are unable to drive due to physical limitations, or during a pandemic

Care Teams at Bloom

We practice a care team model at Bloom, so we can give patients access to all the support they need when they need it. Care teams comprise providers from multiple specialties all working together for the benefit of each individual.

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