Marissa Bumagny


Marissa earned a Master of Science in Social Work and Master of Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin; a BA in Anthropology and a BA in Arabic, from Michigan State University.Marissa has had the opportunity to provide direct services to individuals from all over the world. In doing so, she has learned that when people are faced with great challenges, they will find a multitude of ways to overcome them. Marissa is passionate about identifying the unique, individual strengths that allow people to be resilient. Ultimately, Marissa believes that we should all be able to live happy and meaningful lives. As a therapist, Marissa practices mindfulness and a person-centered approach. Marissa believes in a holistic, whole-person understanding of mental health that emphasizes a mind-body connection. Marissa is a lover of the outdoors and nature. She loves to spend time hiking and is cultivating an interest in gardening. She enjoys traveling abroad and trying new foods with her husband. When at home, Marissa likes to relax with pets, yoga, or a good book. 

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