Ciara Guihen, LMSW

Ciara Guihen (LMSW) is a licensed therapist with Bloom Health Centers. Ciara works with patients through their lifespan. Ciara specifically works with patients who are experiencing anxiety, life transitions, eating disorders, and searching for coping skills. Ciara has learned through her experiences that the best way to approach treatments is through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Compassion-focused, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), and trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy.


Professional Background and Expertise

Before graduate school, Ciara worked for the UMB School of Medicine on a pediatric brain study called the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study. Here, Ciara was able to further her career in the mental health field, specifically with adolescents, and it encouraged her career path toward being a therapist.

Ciara is passionate about breaking down barriers to mental health treatment and making it accessible to everyone. Ciara likes to welcome clients as they are and provide a warm and welcoming environment to aid in their healing journey.

More About Ciara Guihen, LMSW

In her free time, Ciara loves to read, write, and hike in the outdoors.



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Getting There

The Bethesda, MD location of the Bloom Health Centers is in an 8-story office tower on East-West Hwy, Suite 775. The building entrance is on the corner of Waverly Street. Hourly parking is available in the building thru the Waverly Street entrance. The office is convenient for those living in D.C., Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and Potomac. It is a 5-minute walk from the Bethesda Metro Station (red line) for those coming from Union Station.

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