The Hidden Sorrow: How to Recognize Depression in Children

Depression is not limited to adults; it can affect children as well. Recognizing the hidden signs of depression in children is crucial for ensuring early support and understanding. Bloom Health Centers understands how important it is to recognize potential signs of childhood depression.

Insomnia or Sleeping Too Much

One telltale sign of depression in children is a drastic change in sleep patterns. Some children may have difficulty falling asleep, experience frequent awakenings during the night, or suffer from early morning wake-ups. On the other hand, some may sleep excessively, finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Parents and caregivers should pay attention to these changes in sleep patterns.

Change in Appetite

Depression can often lead to a significant change in a child’s appetite. They may lose interest in eating and display a noticeable decrease in their food intake. On the other hand, some children may turn to food as a coping mechanism, resulting in overeating and weight gain. Monitoring these shifts in appetite is vital in identifying potential signs of depression.

Losing Interest in Activities

Hobbies, sports, and even time spent with friends may lose their appeal. Parents should be attentive if a child suddenly loses interest or shows a lack of motivation. It is essential to ask open-ended questions and provide a supportive environment to help them express their emotions. Listening to the feelings of a child can help a parent understand how their child feels and how they can help.

Social Withdrawal

Children with depression often withdraw themselves from social interactions. They may avoid social gatherings, refuse invitations, or isolate themselves from peers. It is crucial to distinguish genuine introversion from social withdrawal caused by depression. Social withdrawal can happen suddenly; losing friends, lowering grades, being less active, or not wanting to participate in activities can all be signs of depression-induced social withdrawal.

Recognizing the signs of depression in children is crucial for early intervention and ensuring their well-being. Seeking professional help and providing emotional support with Bloom Health Centers can help a child navigate through depression.

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