Teri Burns


Teri has been practicing therapy for over 18 years and has treated all types of adults dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, dissociation, PTSD, anorexia/bulimia, addictions, identity issues, grief, psychosis, domestic violence, and trauma. She believes that each one of us knows exactly how to heal ourselves; however, the message gets lost inside ourselves for various reasons. Teri sees her job as merely helping the individual attain the clarity to see for themselves the choices they’ve made. Once they understand the unconscious decisions that drive their behavior they can begin to make positive changes. Her style is very relaxed and interactive and she tries to create an environment that feels nonjudgmental and safe; where the individual feels cared about, encouraged, and empowered.Teri has a goal-oriented approach to counseling. During the initial session with a client, she asks for a list of areas they would like to work on. Together they decide on a plan. There is flexibility built into her system, but she never loses track of the overall goals. Because she believes the client has the answers locked up inside them, she likes to use therapeutic tools to access the client’s unconscious mind. She finds dream analysis, art therapy, and guided visualization, particularly powerful tools. She also uses readings, handouts, affirmations, and journaling as homework tools.

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