Samaaneh Moezzi, PA-C

Meet Samaaneh Moezzi, the compassionate and dedicated Site Manager and Psychiatric Physician Assistant at Bloom Health Centers in Rockville, MD. With a commitment to breaking mental health stigma and fostering well-being, Samaaneh is your advocate on the journey to mental wellness.

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Professional Background and Expertise

Samaaneh, a Board-Certified Physician Assistant from Towson University, holds a Master of Science from Hood College, Frederick, MD. Prior to her role in healthcare, she contributed as a scientist in a pharmacology company. Her psychiatric expertise includes externships at St. Joseph Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital, where she actively participated in assessing, managing, and planning the discharge of psychiatric patients. This diverse background equips her to provide comprehensive mental health counseling.

Breaking the taboo around mental health is crucial; the shame associated with struggling to manage emotions independently often leads to self-medication through various means. From shopping and isolation to substance use, these coping mechanisms perpetuate the stigma. Let's unite to end this stigma, seek the right help, and demonstrate the courage we all possess. Samaaneh is here as your partner, explaining the "Whys" and "Hows" with expertise. Together, you’ll address the complexities of mental health, from rejection and negative judgment to feelings of unworthiness and loneliness.

Psychological Services from Samaaneh Moezzi

As your dedicated partner on the path to mental wellness, Samaaneh Moezzi offers a range of mental health services at Bloom Health Centers in Rockville. Services include adult psychiatry, medication management, and psychological evaluation. Her commitment to community mental health services ensures a supportive and collaborative environment for individuals seeking treatment.



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The Arlington, VA location of Bloom Health Centers is on N. Quincy Street, accessible from N. Glebe Road off Route 66, or from Wilson Blvd. Located on the 6th floor, car parking is available on the street or in the many parking garages located on N. Quincy Street. Our Arlington office is also a convenient destination for those coming from Falls Church, Pentagon City, D.C., or Old Town Alexandria.

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