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If you or a loved one struggles with a mood or personality disorder, think of Bloom as your personal support network. We understand that things can be difficult and unpredictable and we’re here for all of it. From diagnosis to long-term treatment plans, you have access to the care that helps you maintain balance and lead a full life.

Bipolar disorder can be a challenging and complex condition to navigate, but you don't have to face it alone. At Bloom Health Centers, we specialize in providing comprehensive bipolar disorder counseling services and care for individuals dealing with bipolar disorder. Our unique Care Team model ensures that you receive personalized, tailored treatment plans that address your specific needs. We're here to help you find stability, hope, and a brighter future.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar disorder causes changes in mood, behavior, energy, and focus. With help from the professionals at Bloom, you can manage these symptoms and live a more fulfilling life. We offer therapy and treatment for bipolar disorder in a supportive setting.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

An individual with bipolar disorder goes through phases of intense emotions and behavior changes. You can categorize these mood episodes into three types based on their symptoms:

  • Manic episodes: A bipolar diagnosis requires that a person experiences at least one manic episode. During these phases, they have an elevated mood that can give them excess energy or make them feel agitated. The feelings caused by a manic episode may feel good to the person, but they can also cause impulsive and reckless behavior.
  • Depressive episodes: Depressive episodes create feelings of sadness and hopelessness. The individual can have low energy levels and problems with focus. During these periods, they can experience many of the symptoms associated with major depression.
  • Episodes with mixed features: Some mood episodes include both depressive and manic symptoms. For example, someone may experience fatigue (depressive) and impulsivity (manic) at the same time. Individuals who have severe mood episodes can also experience delusions or hallucinations that match their mood at the time.

How Does Bipolar Disorder Affect a Person’s Life?

Bipolar disorder can impact many aspects of a person’s life. Mood episodes of all levels of severity can get in the way of daily function. Depressive symptoms lower energy levels and make it difficult to think or concentrate. While some individuals with bipolar disorder have manic episodes only, the symptoms can still result in dangerous behaviors. Accompanying conditions and symptoms like anxiety and headaches can create more complications. Bipolar disorder treatment can increase the quality of life for many individuals.

What Can Bloom Do to Help Those With Bipolar Disorder?

Our multidisciplinary team offers bipolar disorder treatments such as:

  • Diagnosis: Bipolar disorder has many symptoms that overlap with other conditions. We can evaluate your symptoms to find the correct diagnosis and treatment.
  • Medication management: A variety of medications can help individuals with bipolar disorder relieve their symptoms. Our psychiatrists will work with you to find the right medicine and dosage.
  • Therapy: Bipolar disorder therapy involves re-framing your thinking patterns and behaviors to develop coping skills. Your counselor will listen to your feelings in a judgment-free environment.

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