Evaluation and Testing

The human mind is vastly complex, and we’re learning more about it every day. At Bloom, our psychological and neuropsychological testing practice is rooted in discovery and support. We help people with definition and diagnosis, so they can begin treatments that are custom to their needs and proven effective in the field.

Connecting with Care

We know you have questions. Sometimes for yourself, other times for a family member or loved one, but always with a desire to know what’s going on and how to find the right kind of help- and fast. At Bloom, we know the very process of getting help can be stressful and we want to make it as easy as possible to connect you or your loved one with the right care as quickly as we can. Evaluation and testing is an essential first step in this process and an integral aspect of your initial care.

One of our top goals during this time are to understand what you’re experiencing and outline what kind of treatment plan and options make sense. This includes properly diagnosing what conditions might be present, understanding your personal and family history as it might impact your treatment, and a comprehensive review of your symptoms.

Our First Steps. Together.

While this process might sound involved, it’s really about our mission during these first steps to take our time with you to listen, learn, and recommend a path forward that will be the best fit for you. Whether it’s medication, therapy, TMS, or any other services provided by Bloom, let’s take these first steps together so that we can help you live the life you want.

Meet Our Psychologists

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