Rolonda Williams

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Rolonda is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist with 6+ years of experience in mental health and relationship counseling. Her education and experience include a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Family Science from the University of Maryland College Park. Through her clinical training, she has worked with clients from many different ethnic backgrounds, providing individual, couple, and family psychotherapy services. Rolanda’s experience includes addressing mental health symptoms that impact an individual’s quality of life, functioning, and relationships. Some of those symptoms and disorders include depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Her areas of specialty are mainly relationship issues, where she provides interventions to assist couples in strengthening their relationships. It can be challenging to maintain healthy romantic relationships. However, Rolanda offers an open and supportive space for clients to gain the tools needed to heal and move forward. Her clinical work focuses on assisting couples and families in working through difficulties in communication, trust, conflict, and decision-making, co-parenting/divorcing families, sex/intimacy, infidelity, substance abuse, race/culture, and LGBTQIA-related issues.Rolanda believes that seeking help shows strength and a desire for change to promote a healthier lifestyle. This growth is often preceded by intense stress and feelings of being “stuck.” Her role as your therapist is to collaborate and assist you in the process of insight and growth, as well as in repairing your relationships. Allow therapy to provide that extra push needed along your journey. 

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