Makeida Koyi

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After her psychiatry residency program at the University of Maryland Sheppard Pratt, Dr. Makeida Koyi completed a 1-year, extensive post-doctoral training in psychosomatic medicine at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Dr. Koyi enjoys treating all areas of psychiatry and values the variety this field has to offer. She has co-authored and published literature on delirium and medical education. She is particularly interested in addressing mental health concerns in people from diverse cultural backgrounds, who have experienced stigma or societal barriers to receiving mental health treatment.Dr. Koyi is a lover of all cultures and was raised in a Nigerian and American household. Her greatest joy in psychiatry is establishing a rapport with each individual and hearing the journey that led to this point. Her goal is to form a partnership and collaborate on a treatment plan that meets the specific needs of that individual. Personally, Dr. Koyi enjoys spending time with her family and watching her children’s excitement when they experience a new adventure. She enjoys music, movies, and foods from different cultures. She also enjoys all things involving competition – board games, card games, most sports, 5ks, 10ks, ping pong, air hockey, and even declaring thumb wars. She may not win every time, but she will have fun trying.

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