Chana Benyamin

Psychiatric Physician Assistant
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Chana was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where she attended Touro College for her undergraduate degree in Biology. During that time she worked as a medical assistant in a pediatric office, where she dealt with a diverse patient population. In 2018 Chana attended the Suny Downstate Physician Assistant program where she received her master’s in physician assistant studies. Her special interest in psychiatry began during her psychiatry rotation at Kings County Hospital. In this field, she was able to use all her quality traits to make a deep meaningful change in patients’ lives. With the increasing awareness of mental health disorders and the shortage of psychiatry professionals, Chana is happy to be a part of a team that is constantly making changes in individuals’ lives. In her free time, Chana enjoys being with family, taking long walks, and spending time outdoors. She also likes to cook, bake, and try different foods. Chana is fond of traveling and has been to Costa Rica, and a bioethics medical research trip to Thailand, in which she observed the stark differences between healthcare in developing nations and in the United States.

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