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Peter van Riper

Chief Financial Officer

Peter has spent the last two decades on the business side of health care, as an operator and executive. Drawing on his experience, he is grateful for the opportunity to help the Bloom team revolutionize how mental health care is delivered –to reach more people and provide more effective care.

Peter lights up when he can work with a team to create something new and impactful. He most enjoys gleaning insights from the data and information available, working with his colleagues to innovate –and in health care, ultimately improve the lives of others.

At Bloom, Peter has found a talented and driven team, together seeking to reinvent the delivery of mental health care.

A long-time Maryland resident, Peter enjoys his share of blue crabs. Whenever the weather is at least mildly warm, he can be found with his wife Kris and three teenage sons sailing the Chesapeake. The rest of the year, they talk about sailing, while sitting in front of the best fireplace in Cabin John.

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