Asia Malone, Manager of Care Team Coordinators, Bloom Health Centers

Asia Malone

Manager of Care Team Coordinators

Asia brings over 12 years of dedicated experience in the healthcare industry to her role at Bloom. Her journey with Bloom began in 2021 as a Medical Records Clerk, and through her steadfast commitment and growth, she has ascended to her current position, where she plays a pivotal role in enhancing the coordination of care.

Having witnessed the evolution of Bloom since her early days with the company, Asia’s journey underscores her deep connection to its mission. With a trajectory marked by diligence and dedication, she has embraced her responsibilities with passion and purpose.

Asia’s primary focus lies in ensuring the seamless exchange of accurate and helpful information between clinicians and patients. By bridging this crucial gap, she believes that the patient experience can be enriched, leading to better outcomes and heightened satisfaction. Her unwavering commitment to this cause reflects her genuine belief in Bloom’s mission and its potential to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

As a leader, Asia is dedicated to cultivating a team that shares her fervor for Bloom’s mission. Through open communication, unwavering support, and a lead-by-example approach, she strives to inspire her team members to connect with the deeper purpose behind their work. She understands that by nurturing this shared sense of purpose, the team can collectively contribute to improving patient care and overall well-being.

Asia’s leadership philosophy is rooted in creating a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Through her guidance, she aims to ignite a collective passion that fuels the team’s drive to innovate and explore new ways of delivering exceptional care. Her commitment to fostering a supportive and dynamic work environment stands as a testament to her dedication to both the team’s success and the fulfillment of Bloom’s mission.

Outside of work, Asia loves spending time with her children and her new puppy Shiva. She also enjoys bowling, fishing, and hanging out with her family and close friends.

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