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Pradeep Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Pradeep Kumar is a seasoned technology expert. Having led teams to develop solutions for federal and commercial healthcare systems, he has created a new perspective in applying technology to mental healthcare.

Mental healthcare depends on strong patient-provider relationships; however, this gap has been widening due to provider availability and lack of efficient post-visit outcome measures. To bridge this gap and take care of patients, he—along with Dr. Krishna—built Bloominind: an end-to-end practice management system focused specifically on mental healthcare.

Mr. Kumar believes that leveraging autonomous healthcare solutions by creating AI-oriented recommendation engines enables both providers and patients to make educated decisions, improving mental healthcare while also building a platform for societal self-awareness. Using deep learning algorithms, building ML models for natural language processing, and computer vision-related solutions has led to vast improvements to the experience, effectiveness, accessibility, and availability of patient care.

Mr. Kumar believes that a happy workforce leads to healthier patients. So he harnesses the power of technology to automate workflows, freeing human beings to do what interests and motivates them! The result? Quality of work, quality of life, and patient health are all improved.

Working together, sharing, and caring for each other as a family to enhance the care we provide to our patients. That’s Bloom!

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