Your Own Care Team

At Bloom, each patient is cared for by their own team of providers.

About Care Teams

In the course of your mental health journey, you may need care from different professionals along the way. Having a care team ensures you have access to the right provider, and that they know where you are in your journey and what you need right now.

Your care team also works together to ensure nothing is overlooked—always maintaining the comprehensive, supportive care you deserve.

How Care Teams Work

Care teams bring specialists together to provide integrative comprehensive care. They are led by providers on the medical side of mental health care and include psychologists and therapists from the behavioral side of care.

Bloom’s psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants lead many patient care teams, and perform routine check-ins and reviews with Psychiatrists overseeing the entire process.

Your care team will be designed around your specific needs, and the providers you see may shift as you progress in your journey. Everyone is here to support your growth and healing.